Virtual PA Theory 2021 Conference

June 3-6 2021

Administrative (Dys)function and Dedication: Contradictions in Public Service Values

Portland, Oregon has been central to the civilian protests surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement in 2020. In Portland, federally trained Homeland Security agents illegally detained peaceful civilian protesters dissenting police brutality and racial injustice, bringing to the forefront the role of the government and public servants in times of crisis. Citizens and communities in the United States, as well as across the globe, have simultaneously been victims of administrative dysfunction and privileged clients of bureaucratic dedication in the recent past. PA Theory Network Conference 2021 will take place virtually while hearkening back to the first ever conference in Portland, a city which embodies some paradoxes around rhetoric versus real action and change regarding public policy and administration.

Virtual 2021 Conference

Never has the Network part of PA Theory Network been so literal. This year we are seeking to create a truly innovative and open online space at the 2021 conference. We will be using tools with which most members are comfortable to create an online environment that blends into the background to create virtual space for thinking and theorizing, not simply conferencing. We will be experimenting with new ways of networking and engaging to create a treasure trove conference, rather than the lock boxes we've seen at some other virtual scholarly gatherings. We want PA Theory to be an experience of openness and scholarly debate unlike any other, and we hope that you will join us for this exciting opportunity.

Please note that the programming committee has decided to accept any papers that were accepted to the canceled 2020 conference. Please inform the committee if your paper was accepted last year.

Completed papers can be considered for a special issue of Administrative Theory & Praxis surrounding the conference theme. All papers will undergo the journal’s standard peer-review process. Find submission information at the journal’s website: