PA Theory 2021 Conference in Portland, OR

June 3-6 2021

Administrative (Dys)function and Dedication: Contradictions in Public Service Values

Portland, Oregon has been central to the civilian protests surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement in 2020. In Portland, federally trained Homeland Security agents illegally detained peaceful civilian protesters dissenting police brutality and racial injustice, bringing to the forefront the role of the government and public servants in times of crisis. Citizens and communities in the United States, as well as across the globe, have simultaneously been victims of administrative dysfunction and privileged clients of bureaucratic dedication in the recent past. PA Theory Network Conference 2021 will take place in Portland, which seems to embody some paradoxes around rhetoric versus real action and change regarding public policy and administration.

Portland Bridge Public Domain

While the Board of Directors is working on contingencies to provide a virtual conference if necessary, the 2021 conference is currently scheduled for June in Portland, Oregon. Nicknamed the Rose City, Portland is a city renowned for its natural beauty and cultural scenes, leadership in sustainability and urban transportation, and progressive policy initiatives. Portland is a world class city with access to internationally renowned dining options, hotels, and tourist attractions. It is also a city facing serious urban governance challenges, including a housing crisis, looming natural disasters, and a well-documented history of white supremacy, that are ready for robust scholarly exploration and discussion.

Completed papers can be considered for a special issue of Administrative Theory & Praxis surrounding the conference theme. All papers will undergo the journal’s standard peer-review process. Find submission information at the journal’s website: