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The Public Administration Theory Network is an international network of professionals concerned with the advancement of public administration theory.

A core part of its mission is the production of scholarly dialogue exploring critical and theoretical perspectives on government, governance, and social practices.

Public Administration Theory Network

About ATP

Administrative Theory & Praxis is a quarterly journal for critical, normative, or interpretive scholarship focused on various aspects of the public administration theory, governance, and management. Our journal is the premier outlet for research on new theories and frameworks for the field of public administration and governance. It is also a space for challenging and critical dialogues about governance, pedagogy, and the practice of public administration.

Why Submit Articles to Us?

The journal Public Administrative Theory & Praxis is a unique forum to contest or affirm your knowledge of the public administration orthodoxies and alternative approaches to administrative theory and practice. We examine ethical, democratic, and social justice issues in the field. Our journal welcomes manuscripts that situate public administration within broader contexts.

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Cultural
  • Political
  • Historical

Current Calls for Papers

Our journal also introduces literature to develop challenging, thought-provoking philosophical arguments about the field and accepts the following.

  • Manuscripts
  • Symposia
  • Book reviews
  • Dialogues
  • Commentaries


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